Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cyber Space Junkie

There's a whole universe within the internet, and more people each day are making money online from home part-time with full-time jobs, as well as those who do it for a living. I myself am one of those who works from home, enjoying a leisurely lifestyle where I dictate my own working hours, if I chose to even work at all.

Who would want to work for others and slave away all day long for a measly paycheck that barely covers the bills? In today's economy, it's a rare instance to know someone who's making ends meet, especially if they have a family. 

Those who I've talked to, being many friends and acquaintances, have nothing inspiring to tell as of lately. Most of them are barely able to stay afloat, and some are getting more depressed as time passes. Who can blame them? Our economic situation hasn't been this dismal since the great depression! 

The aforementioned is the main reason I started researching ways to make an income online. I left my business back in NJ, (a Pizzeria in Bloomfield), to relocate in Washington State so I could be with my better half, and it's been the best move I've ever made thus far. 

For a couple of years now, I've been researching the Internet, studying the best possible routes to earn an online income, and it's been a hell of a task. Just on Facebook, I've followed several "Internet Marketing Gurus" who are successful in their own rights, but seem to all have a system in place where they all have their students promoting them! Most of them pay a 20% commission to their affiliates when a sale is made, and the effort one goes through is never worth the payout. 

I decided on taking a different route, realizing that if they could do it, then I could as well without having to send these greedy people a dime. (Some of them ask for hundreds, even thousands of dollars to "mentor" you.) 

Internet Marketing has been labeled with a derogatory stamp, where many claim they would never get sucked into "a pyramid scheme." I would tend to be one of them, as I've come across all too many who scam others into sending them money, and give nothing of any kind of substance or value in return. One would be utterly amazed at just how many people have given some of these thieves as much money as they have. I shake my head every time I think about it.
I never would want to be one of those who prays on those who are desperate to make money, I could not live with myself in good consciousness. I like to sleep easy at night.

Having said that, here I am today embarking on a quest to share insight so that others can benefit should they so choose. I'm the type of guy, (although you'ld never think so by just looking at me), that takes pride in helping others achieve whatever they set out to achieve. I only wish there were many more who thought likewise, alas...that's just not the way it is sunshine.

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