Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Best in Webinars!


Webinars were designed to create a trust and bond with your customers and prospects to ultimately close more sales. But the problem with running webinars is that:

A. They can be Hugely Expensive.

B. Technical blunders are generally inevitable.

C. They are not a Scalable business.

Let me explain C.

We all have traded time for money. Webinars as a business system require essentially time for money. But what if you had a solution to where you didn’t have to trade your precious time for money anymore? What if you could automate your business to work for you while still being able to engage with your customers?

Casey Zeman has created the Easy Webinar Plugin. A simple to use Webinar platform that works with your already existing WordPress site to create dynamic and intelligent sales funnels, giving you more time and more money without having to trade anything.

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Start Creating Your Webinar seconds after the easy upload. No FTP required or help from a developer or programmer!
A Library of Eye Popping Webinar Page templates to choose from that can be simply redesigned and branded to fit your needs as well as a full customizable option.
Dynamic Options where your registrant can choose:
  • - Everyday
  • - Specific Date
  • - One Day a Week
  • - Selected Days in the week

Delayed event and call to action settings, Select a multiple number of delayed events within the webinar video for a greater interaction with a media library of several different call to action buttons to choose from. 
With EWP unique video player, video upload has been made simple. If you have an existing amazons3 account you can simply add in your credentials and upload your video directly into the platform, or We will host your videos for you.
Email Notification system. Notifying your registrants can be quite a task. We have made it simple with our own customizable Email Notification System that will send out notifications to the registrants 3 days before, 1 day before, 3 hours before, 15 minutes before, and when the webinar is starting.

EWP Widget-This exclusive feature allows you to add a registration box to any site. (perfect for adding to your Main site.

Dynamic display of the list of attendees that sign up for the webinar event. Displaying the registrants name at the top of the list. 
The In-Real-Time Chat box feature allows registrants to ask questions while the Webinar is going, then notifying you immediately when this occurs. This allows you to respond right away, without having to be at the webinar, which in turn builds personal attention and attainability with your customers.

EWP Social Sharing tool. On the thank you page after someone signs up to the Webinar, you can create a call to action in order to "spread the word" of the event.

Easy Webinar Plugin integrates with all Wordpress versions and themes.

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