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I've been using the internet now since the year 1999. The first computer I ever bought was a top of the line Compaq Desktop, complete with all the trimmings which included a webcam (which had poor resolution back then) and a microphone. Back then, there were two major browsers used by the masses, Internet Explorer and Netscape. I was partial to Netscape, as it had better features and was not only user friendly, but faster as well. 

I had free internet, a subcriber to Netzero. My connection was dial-up. Needless to say that even though Netscape was the fastest browser, it still took almost 2 minutes for each page to load. At the time, it was still faster than most connections, as I often asked others how long it took for screens to fill after clicking on a link.

Yahoo was the first website I ever engaged with, using it to check the daily news, stock forecasts, surfing for info, and chatting with others around the globe. (Back then, it was the first to come out with live chat, as well as video.)

In the years passing, I upgraded my computer as needed. I always bought the latest, looking to get the most RAM available, as well as the fastest processor and largest hard drive. I felt those were the most important hardware items for what I wanted to achieve in computing, which was speed and storage capacity. After all, I am rather impatient when it comes to wasting valuable time and energy. As I grow older, time becomes much more precious to me, so I try to make the most of my efforts whenever possible.

When 2009 finally rolled around, I finally got onto Facebook, and started engaging in the wonderful world of Social Media. To my surprise, many of my friends around the world were already members, with their pages filled with status updates, likes and various posts. 
I thought it was great that Mark Zuckerburg has launched this site, enabling people from around the globe to connect with lost family and friends. It was the start of a new venture for me, not realizing just how much opportunity lied ahead if I was willing to explore the possibilities. 

My first experiment online was with a game called Mafia Wars... . It was one of the most popular games played by over 45 million back in Aug. 2010. I had created a "Mafia Wars Family" called "Forza Italia" which had become the largest group of almost 1000 other "Mafia Wars Families" within the game, having had recruited over 19,000 members. (At the time, no other clan, family or group had more than about 500 members.) It was a task that took 3 months of mass emailing to thousands each day.

The game was enjoyable for some time, although within just over a year, I decided to drop out as the group's "Godfather". It was just too time consuming and very stressful, as drama quickly spread through the ranks of seasoned players within the group, as well as other groups allied with Forza.  One would be amazed at how certain others reacted and behaved with patrons of the game, and how Zynga irritated millions into quiting the game altogether. Today, there are just over 500k still playing. (I still play a few times per week, keeping up my stats up just for a stress reliever.)

Since having met my fiance Latia Del Riviero in 2009 through FB, I've been Promoting her on many different websites, (you can google her and see my past efforts to date), as well as making money from home using my state of the art Dell Craptop, yes I said Craptop...I will never again buy a Dell.

I've been researching many different ways to increase income, leaning towards online marketing, affiliated marketing and blogging. To this date, I've spent more than enough on various "stuff" that the internet is flooded with. One thing is for sure, not everything has panned out to my benefit, although I have gained a vast extensive knowledge of what works, and what doesn't.

It's an ongoing process, as today everything changes rapidly. What you might know today, will not necessarily work tomorrow. One must always stay on top of the game to achieve any kind of success. 

This blog is an accumulation of ways for anyone to make an earned income online, as they do for me. I'm happy to share it with the rest of you who take interest, and would love for you to share yours with me as well. 

I look forward to your success, and trading helpful insights with you all in the future...

All the best,

Andrew C.

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