Saturday, August 25, 2012

Should You Prospect?

Building Relationships Through Prospecting

Here's my philosophy on the subject...You shouldn't really have to "Prospect" anyone. THEY should come to you!

Ok Drew, "Mr Guido Guru"...what do you mean by that exactly? -- It's what most of you are asking yourselves right now, I can see your facial expressions of amused contempt and mild skepticism...

Let's put it to you this way...people need to know they can trust your leadership. Period. It all comes down to that in a nutshell. Your knowledge must benefit them to their greatest advantage, and when it does, THEY will seek you out.

Now, I've never been out to make a quick buck. So let's just say that I'm genuinely looking out for YOUR best interest. 

When I post about affiliate marketing for instance, I choose only those products that are worth promoting. It's from extensive research and experimentation that I do so, not just from a "spur of the moment" impulse. I actually USE most of the products I promote, because they work really well. For years now I've been marketing using state of the art tools, and I share that whenever I can. You all know what they say, "word of mouth" advertising...(it's the best!)

Getting on with building relationships through prospecting...Effectiveness is the big picture here, efficiency is the minute details. Efficiency means becoming excellent at performing any given task. It could be anything, but being efficient just means being able to perform a certain job well, with a minimal amount of effort.

But being effective means taking the overall objective into consideration and figuring out
which activities are the most important to reaching that goal and then doing them. Nothing Else In A Business Matters If Good Sales And Marketing Aren’t Being Used. The wealthiest and most prosperous people in any field all have one thing in common:
They know how to sell. Themselves… their products… their services… their ideas.

So, to put all of this in a way that’s more meaningful to your business: The job of your
marketing is to bring you qualified prospects. The job of your sales process is to close the
deal and build a relationship with the best ones.

All Good Sales And Marketing Begins By Putting The Other Person First. I learned that a marketing-centered business is an entirely different kind of operation than a product-centered business. And I discovered that the ability to sell, and more importantly, understanding how and why people do what they do, is by far the most potent money-making skill you can ever acquire. It’s the beginning and end of all business success.

All Good Sales And Marketing Begins By Putting The Other Person First. The best way to get someone to like you is to focus the entire conversation on them, because everyone loves talking about themselves to someone who is genuinely interested! Good sales follows the same pattern. It Starts By Getting Information…Not Giving It.

Always remember this: People buy for their own reasons, not yours. It is so easy to forget this rule, even for sales pros who’ve known it for years. It’s something you have to constantly remind yourself of because it’s just second nature to assume that what’s important to you will be important to the next person.

When It Comes To Selling, Far Too Much Emphasis Is Put On The Product, And Far Too Little
Emphasis Is Put On The Person Doing The Buying! When you focus the entire conversation on the prospect, you’re making an ally out of them. You’re building a relationship. And you’re opening the door that will allow you to give them information.

So here then are the four major reasons why people won’t buy from you. (And remember: Your opportunity is one of your products. I feel it’s necessary to repeat this every now and then because I know sometimes it’s hard to think of your business in these terms).

Reason #1 – They don’t know about you.
Reason #2 – They don’t want what you’re selling.
Reason #3 – They don’t want what you’re selling more than what they would have to give up to
get it.
Reason #4 – They don’t believe you.

Together these four reasons encompass every possible variation of why a prospect won’t
do business with you. If you can conquer every one of these, you will succeed. People want to work with someone who’s honest, realistic and isn’t afraid to give it to them straight. Someone who’s not blowing hot air.

It’s when you stop caring about the opinions of everyone that you truly reach your full potential. I really encourage you to take this to heart. In business, you have to have a hide as thick as a rhino. Ignore the cynics and move on. It’s all just a part of what we do...

I hope you've gotten a sense of my business philosophy, I'm very proud to share my thoughts with you all on how I try to practice my "Online Business" methods, and I respect and follow others who I feel share the same principles as I do. 

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The Guido Guru


  1. Now that's a great philosophy, and not just for "online business" practices either! Awesome post Mr. Drew!

  2. Great outlook on this one, love your philosophy!