Saturday, August 25, 2012

Google Adwords

Advertising Using Google Adwords

One of the methods I use to promote my websites is Google Adwords.
These are the little ads you see off to the right hand side whenever you do a search for
something on Google.

If you have a domain name, or several domain names which point to the same website, you should try this exercise in testing your ad performance:

Constantly tweak and change things in your marketing to improve its performance
and optimize it over time. The most common way to do testing is a simple A/B split test.
This is where you take two identical versions of something (an ad, a sales script,
whatever) and you change just one thing, one variable. Then you use both versions for a
given amount of time or a given amount of actions (a sale or a click for example) and you
see which one performs better. That way you know exactly what change made the
difference. You ditch the loser and keep the winner. This is one of the biggest secrets to
business success
So, when you put together one of these ads on Google, you’re able to choose your
“display url” which is the website address that people actually see on your ad.
And when you run these ads, you’re able to track what’s called your “click-through-ratio”
(CTR). This is simply the number of times your ad was clicked.

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