Friday, December 14, 2012

Easy+Ways+to+Make+Your+Blog+More+InteractiveThe advice  you get on making blogs  more interactive
is boring  and  played out.  People will tell  you to add
interesting   content  so  that  others  will  comment, or
will tell you  to comment  on your own blog and check
for answers so that people feel that they are interacting
with the real blog writer….yawn! Try them if you want
but try  not  to fall asleep.  This  article gives you a few
sexy and sweet  ideas for  adding  a  little bit of original
interactivity  into  your  blog. The  ideas  on  this article
can be shaped to suit your blog.

I'll have to practice this more often myself, but my blogs are factual based, full of information that can actually help others if they so decide to read and use the information I've published. People tend to flock to my blogs regardless of any fancy get-up I may have showing. It's just not what I care to spend too much time on, but for those of you who are somewhat more "artistic" you go...

Mix up your media
Add a mix of different media. Don’t just make it all writing. You don’t have to sex up your
writing if you include various mixes of media. Many people will tell you to break your writing
into short paragraphs with punchy headlines--this is a technique for the unimaginative (unless
they are being paid with the stipulation of writing short paragraphs with headers. Mix up your
blog with a variety of media and your reading will be wetting their under shorts with interactive

Mixed media: sounds
When a person scrolls over a quote on your text, why not have the text speak to them. Why
not have the quote spoken by the person who said it. You don’t even have to make it as
sophisticated as a mouse-pointer rollover, you can put a little “hear” symbol next to a quote to
hear someone say it. It is very good if something sounds unbelievable. For example there are
hundreds of quotes you can use from George Bush Jr, such as him interrupting himself to ask
himself to allow himself to finish.

Mixed media: sound effects
Why not have a sound effect come start up when a person rolls their mouse pointer over a
picture. You could go the less high tech route and write, “Click the pic to hear…” You could use
it to belittle someone else’s opinion, for example, you could write, “Click the pic to hear his
counter argument,” and then when the person clicks the picture (of a person/persons face) a
sound effect could start up, saying, “moo”.

Mixed media: videos
You could back up your blog assertions with video sound bites. For example you could write,
“Ronald Reagan died so that he could”…. And then insert a video that is edited so that is just
has Reagan saying, “Touch the face of god.” See how that works, and you can do it in 101
ways. It is a way of inserting cut scenes into your blog, a little like how Seth McFarlane adds cut
scenes into his TV shows.

Optional endings
Halfway through your blog you could stop the blog and give the audience three boxes. Each
box is a link to an alternate ending, which a person has to pick. Sounds difficult to integrate into
your blog? Not at all, for example if you are telling a story you could stop with the question “So
what did I do next?” You give them three link options. If they pick the right one then the story
continues on. If they pick the wrong option then you can write something such as, “oh if only I
HAD done that. What I did was…”

Link your blog to social media
Use buttons if you like, but try adding a Facebook comment section for a better effect. You can
stimulate a little bit of chatter on both ends and see if you can get people to converse about
your blog on the social media sites and on your blog.

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