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How to Use Link Bombs to Your Advantage

How to use Link Bombs to your advantage

Link bombing has been around for awhile and all it really is is a SEO tactic which some people used to link certain words to certain websites. As soon as I heard about things like this and read up on how they did it, it made me look at this search engine optimization tactic in a different light.
I like many others who have read a little on search engine optimization look upon it as an impossible task. But along comes the link bomb and proves how easy it can be to do some of these little tricks.
In this lens I will show you how to use the tactics used in link bombing and hopefully like me you should be able to rank a lot better in google (and the other search engines) for a single long tail keyword.

What is a Link Bomb

To find out what an actual link bomb is you should read this article it outlines the good and bad things to do with link bombing, and, if you are like me and read between the lines you should see that by employing techniques like these for yourself you should be able to rank fairly highly for a good search phrase. Don't be over eager though by going for a really competitive one.

Basically you all should realise now what a link bomb is. All it is is tagging a certain phrase to a link and using it as much as possible. Now I aint saying you have to use it on a huge scale. All you have to do is choose a good keyphrase to back up your website link and use it EVERY time you link to your site, whether it is from a forum or signing someone's guestbook. Just stick to the phrase you choose and use it whenever you can.

Ok, for this tutorial I'm going to use the website I'm webmaster for for the examples. This kills two birds with one stone, it gives my site a bit extra PR (not much because the subject is unrelated but it is an article about the site) and it is much better for teaching/learning purposes.

One thing you definitely have to avoid when linking to your site is using statements like this.

Please visit my website by clicking on this link.

This kind of statement is good for sending people to your site but is absolute rubbish for giving your site better rankings. It does give an extra link to your site but you have missed a good chance to give your site an extra leg up.

Using a statement like this is way better:

Please visit Knoll House Interforum for all your personal wealth creation needs.


Ok - lets get down to the method. What you need to do is create a subtitle for your website. With Knoll House Interforum (not the best website name in the world but it is nice and unique) we picked the subtitle 'The Home of Personal Wealth Creation' which is not a brilliant keyword phrase but Personal Wealth Creation is as that is what our site is all about.

Now you need to use your site's subtitle in your links by using the title tag. Here is our link to show you how to do it:-

<a href="http://www.knollhouse-interforum.com" title="The Home of Personal Wealth Creation">Knoll House Interforum</a>

This will produce a link like the following:-
By using this method I have linked the phrase 'The Home of Personal Wealth Creation' to the Knoll House Interforum site. It does take time just make sure when you linking to your site you use this method and the same keyword phrase everytime.

By using this method Knoll House Interforum ranks number one on MSN for the search phrase 'the home of personal wealth creation' and ranks number five on MSN for the search phrase 'personal wealth creation'. Knoll House Interforum also ranks on the first page on Google for the search 'the home of personal wealth creation'. So as you see it does actually work and good luck with getting it to work for you.


This lens was created in June 2007, now six months later (December) we now rank Number One in Google for the phrase "Personal Wealth Creation". We are also on the first page of Google for the phrase "Wealth Creation" which proves without a doubt that this SEO strategy does in fact work.

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